Why we made Angel?

Things get lost, forgotten and stolen. You are probably familiar with the feeling when some of your valuable belongings disappears into oblivion and you don’t know if you’re gonna ever see it again.

With Angel, you always have somebody watching over your things, so when that moment happens, you can easily find them using our companion app.

Making the world a happier place, one found item at a time

How it works?

Angel tag

Buy an Angel Tag and place it on your things.

Wireless technology

Using wireless connection, our top line of products sync with your phone.

Smartphone app

On your device you can manage your items, access lost & found, track your items and help others.


The more you use Angel, the better it gets. Recommend it to your firends!

What can it do?

iOS and Android compatible

The AngelApp works with iPhone 4s, iPhone5 and Nexus 4 and 7, Samsung S4 and S5. HTC One.

Replaceable Battery

Battery lasts up to 1 year and you can replace it with a new one when it runs out.

Beep it locate

Two-way alert when invoked. Angel helps you find your phone and your phone helps you find the Angel in a large area.

GPS it!

It stores the locations you have visited and shows you the activity history.

Community power

With the Angel community, you use the power of thousands.

Family package

It allows you to manage 10 Angels at the same time.

Easy to attach and carry

You can attach it to anything you want like keychain, bike, pet, wallet, purse.

Code Angel 9


Simply place it on your things to sign them, if you forget your items, other Angel users can scan the sticker and see that the item belongs to you.

Blue Angel 29

Smart tag

Stick or tie to your stuff and sync with your free Angel App; get notified if it gets too far away, see its latest position and get other information like temperature and motion detection.

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